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"Walk In" Showers
"Walk In" Showers

A Walk In Shower… Always In Demand

A walk in shower is perfect for many reasons. Consider the ease of getting into the shower, and that’s just one of the many benefits. However, this shower is good for many other reasons, and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Easier to Enter and Leave

This is perhaps the most recognized benefit of a walk in shower. Unlike a tub where you need to raise your leg to enter or leave the tub, you can just walk right into one of these showers. This makes it ideal for elderly people who have joint problems, adults that have medical issues that prevent them from properly moving their joints or for kids that might be too short to get out of the tub without some problems.

Being able to easily enter and leave the shower also drastically reduces the chance of slipping and falling. Most shower accidents occur when someone is entering or exiting the tub, and removing the tub removes the cause of these accidents.

Extra Space

A tub looks bulky, and this makes the bathroom look cluttered and small. If you want to make the room look bigger, then the best thing you can do is get a walk in shower that doesn’t have sides or edges. Many interior designers use these showers to create the illusion of extra space, and this makes the bathroom look more luxurious.

Aside from just looking bigger, this illusion will make you feel calmer. People tend to feel more at ease when they have a larger space, and they feel frustrated when things are cluttered. You can remove significant mental stress by just installing one of these showers. It may not seem like a big deal, but you will feel much better about your day when you have a walk in shower.

Easier to Clean

A traditional shower has a lot of fittings and sides that are difficult to clean. Not only that, but the tubs are usually cramped, and this can make it harder to really clean the corners. This leads to bacteria and mold growth, and it can also the tile to discolor quickly.

A walk in shower is the exact opposite. These showers have a minimalist design that makes them much easier to clean. You just need to quickly wipe all the edges and floor to make everything sparkle. It should just take a few minutes, and then you can get on with your day.

Design Possibilities

A walk in shower has many design possibilities that other showers lack. For example, fitting a regular shower with water jets or halogen lighting can be very difficult and expensive, but it is relatively easy with a walk in model.

You can use this for therapeutic reasons, or just to customize your showering experience. Most showers also have an area where you can install a waterproof radio or sound system so that you can easily play music when showering. Some walk in models also come pre-installed with these extra features, so look into that before buying one if you want something special from your shower.

Glass Or No Glass

Available with Glass walls and doors or without your choice

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